General Welfare

We are about to embark on a strategic review of the Company’s grant making. As such, Tuesday 28th February 2017 will be the last deadline under the current grant programme and we will not be accepting applications during the strategy development process. We look forward to launching our new programmes in Autumn 2017 and encourage you to check the website then for more details.

The Mercers’ Company supports inclusive grassroots and front-line charities that work to improve the lives of disadvantaged and marginalised people within the M25. Currently we support four areas of work. These are:


Family Welfare:

  • Supporting and strengthening families by helping to improve parenting skills and develop more resilient children and young people

Youth Support:

  • Supporting children and young people through important transitions such as: leaving school, leaving care, entering and sustaining employment

  • Promoting the development of children and young people outside formal education

  • Preparing young people for adult life by offering positive activities that enable them to reach their full potential

Care for the Elderly:

  • Providing care and support for older people, particularly the frail and isolated

  • Improving health outcomes  and quality of life for older people

  • Addressing the challenge of isolation and loneliness in old age

  • Encouraging older people to remain active and engaged within society


Learning and Physical disabilities

  • Help for those with learning and/or physical disabilities

  • Supporting the carers and families of those with learning and/or physical disabilities


We do not fund:

  • Medical charities and medical research

  • Uniformed groups unless there is a Mercers’ Company link

  • Mother tongue classes (non-English)

  • Organisations that have made an application in the last three years


Geographical restrictions: within the M25, with a preference for London

Do we fund salary costs? Yes

Do we fund core costs? Yes

Do we provide multi-year grants? Yes

Do we support building projects? Very rarely and generally not major capital appeals

What is the average size of grant?

  • If organisations with a turnover under £75,000 p/a: between £2,000 and £5,000

  • For larger organisations: grants are typically between £12,000 and £25,000 per-annum

What size of organisation do we support?

  • London organisations: annual income up to c£1.5m

  • National organisations applying for London based work: annual income up to c£3m


Dates of Meetings

Our General Welfare application deadlines are 8 weeks before each committee meeting:

  • Tuesday 28th February 2017 (for committee meeting on 25 April)

No further meetings of the General Welfare Committee are scheduled as we are about to undergo a strategic review of the Company’s entire grant making.

You are encouraged to submit your application as far in advance of the 8 week deadline as possible, to allow us the time to arrange assessment visits where appropriate.


Further Information and How to Apply

Our application form, details on the supporting documents we request and further information of our processes can be found here.