Heritage and the Arts

Our Heritage & Arts programme aims to preserve and promote the cultural and artistic heritage of the UK. Grants are made in a variety of fields under these two headings.



Our Heritage programme includes:

Material or fabric conservation and refurbishment:

  • Grade I and Grade II* listed buildings, with regular public access (excluding churches)
  • Works of significant art and artefacts
  • Projects to provide a protective environment for important artefacts

Although we do not support the restoration or conservation of churches, support may be given for an exceptional work of art or artefact connected to a church. This excludes appeals relating to church organs.

Library and Archive conservation:

  • Protection and restoration of rare and historic manuscripts and archives
  • Conservation training projects (and occasionally a conservation fellowship)
  • Cataloguing and digitising projects which increases accessibility to archives
  • Publication of research where there is a link to the Mercers’ Company

Wildlife/Environment conservation (protection and research):

  • UK Endangered species
  • Flora and fauna and their habitat
  • Historic gardens and open spaces, with regular public access
  • Marine and inland waterways conservation around the coast of Great Britain

Applications within the Heritage category are considered from all parts of the UK.


The Arts:

Young Professional Artists:

  • Supporting young professional artists at the start of their careers

This includes, but is not limited to, Theatre performers, playwrights, directors; Musicians, opera singers, composers; Dancers, choreographers.

Applications within the Arts category are considered from London. Occasionally we support national organisations that are centres of excellence. Applications that support artists between the ages of 18-30 years will be given priority.


We Do Not Fund:

  • Visitor and education centres
  • Churches (unless there is a Mercer connection; see church patronage)
  • Grade II listed buildings
  • Acquisition of land and buildings; or
  • Organisations that have made an application within the last three years
  • Festivals


Dates of Meetings:

Our Heritage and Arts application deadlines are 6 weeks before each committee meeting:

  • Thursday 11th August 2016 (for committee meeting on 22 September)
  • Wednesday 19th October 2016 (for committee meeting on 30 November)
  • Thursday 05th January 2017 (for committee meeting on Thursday 16th February 2017)
  • Tuesday 28th March2017 (for committee meeting on Tuesday 9 May 2017)

You are encouraged to submit your application as far in advance of the 6 week deadline as possible, to allow us the time to arrange assessment visits where appropriate.


Further Information and How to Apply:

Our application form, details on the supporting documents we request and further information of our processes can be found here.