Affiliations and External Activities

Livery Schools Link 

The Mercers’ Company is a member of this voluntary association of some 50 Livery Companies that exists to support London schools, particularly those in disadvantaged areas. Activities include the coordination of volunteering, promoting the ‘adoption’ of schools by Livery Companies, and supporting schools and governors through workshops and seminars.

The Guild of Mercers’ Scholars 

Formerly the Civic Guild of Old Mercers, this is a voluntary organisation of ex-pupils and associates of the Mercers’ Company cluster of schools. It provides opportunities for students from the Mercers’ Association of Schools and Colleges to learn about the City and its Livery Companies, and to become a Freeman at the age of 21. The Guild exists to encourage former pupils of Mercers' Foundation and Associated Schools, and others, to become Freemen and Liverymen, and to select, if possible, a Livery Company appropriate to their own trade or profession.

The Specialist Schools and Academies Trust (SSAT) 

The Mercers’ Company, as an experienced academy sponsor, is represented on the SSAT’s Academy Sponsors Advisory Group and works with the SSAT and other sponsors in:

  1. providing feedback to the DofE and ministers on policy, and

  2. from time to time providing advice, support and guidance to potential academy sponsors or schools considering converting to academy status.