Christian Faith Grants

Please see below for sample of grants made by our Church Committee.  We also make smaller grants but these are not listed seperately. 


Support for ordained and lay ministry

St Luke's Healthcare for the Clergy  £20,000
To enhance clergy wellbeing in north-east England by introducing resilience training and establishing reflective practice groups for clergy.
Lambeth Partnership  £75,000 over three years
To sponsor bursaries each year for three years to support 2 Community Members' living expenses in the Community of St Anselm.
Church Pastoral Aid Society  £20,000
Roll-out of a national leadership mentoring programme which links Christian leaders with carefully selected and trained Christian mentors.


Youth and Family Ministry

Great Ormond Street Hospital Children's Charity  £15,000 over two years
To provide funding for the Church of England posts in the hospital Chaplaincy team.
Spinnaker Trust  £10,000
To send experienced Christian workers to assist primary schools teachers with RE and assemblies, with the backing of local churches.
Fusion  £15,000
To equip the student church and wider body of Christ by helping people discover their most natural style of evangelism, drawing upon learning styles and applying it practically to mission.


Community Outreach

CARIS Camden  £15,000
To support over 300 homeless people in one year and house at least 60 into permanent accommodation, helping them rebuild their lives.
Hope into Action  £76,504 over three years
To provide administrative and marketing support to the Executive Director in recruiting, training and supporting new franchisees and churches in 6 new locations by April 2019.
MakeLunch  £15,000
MakeLunch would like to appoint a regional worker, working 2 days a week, to operate within the M25 to facilitate the opening of more delivery locations in the area.


Cathedrals and Sacred Music

Gloucester Cathedral £15,000 over three years
To give girls the opportunity to become choristers, singing at services regularly in one of England's great Mediaeval Cathedrals.
Cathedral Church of All Saints Wakefield £24,000
Access improvements & installation of facilities in Edwardian Crypt including refurbishment, levelling floors, installing lift, improving lighting & heating to allow access to the modern community user.
St Thomas, Norwich £18,000 over three years
To engage with all ages in the community and the church through cross-genre choral music.