Information for Grant-Holders

Monitoring and evaluation arrangements

We monitor single grant payments over a certain amount. We believe this is an important part of our work, and every monitoring report is read and discussed to see what we can learn from your experience as a grantee and how this may benefit our future grant making. Our monitoring form requires you to comment on how you have assessed the value or impact of the work we have either funded in full, or contributed to in part.

We have two monitoring forms; a 'short' form and a 'long' form. If you are unceratin which one you should complete, please get in touch: Grant Enquiries

To download the Short Form, click here.

To download the Long Form, click here.

If your charity was funded by our Education Committee, we use a different monitoring form to those above. This can be accessed here.

Instalment grants

We also monitor all instalment grants. If your grant is to be paid by instalments, check your grant offer letter for details of any specific reporting requirements which may be required in addition to the monitoring report.

Evaluation reports

We are always glad to receive copies of any evaluation reports you may have prepared for another funder or commissioner or any review/impact reports to which you have contributed. These should be sent to your named grants officer.


We may have visited your organisation as part of the initial grant assessment. We may also ask you to allow a further visit during the course of the funded work. This will always be by prior arrangement and is to help our understanding of the work that we fund.

Building relationships

Although most of our grants are single payments and with a three year gap required between applications, occasionally we establish a longer relationship with grant recipients and will fund work over several years. This is usually for programmes of work with affiliated organisations such as our London Schools Network and is not part of our main responsive grants programme.

Provided we were satisfied with the use of an earlier grant, we are happy to consider qualifying applications from past grantees after three years.

Most of the information we receive from you is kept on our database. This allows us to build up a history of our funding to your organisation and our knowledge of the work you do.

Publicity and use of the Company’s Logo

If you receive a grant from us we are happy to be credited in your publicity material. You should use the words The Mercers’ Company (and we are sensitive about the apostrophe!). Please do not attribute any quotes to us until these have been approved by our grants staff, in writing, and please check with us before using the Company’s logo or coat of arms on any publicity material.

Feed back

We welcome feedback from those who have applied to us for grants, both successful and unsuccessful, with comments about our processes, our information and our service.


Please refer back to the contact given in your grant offer letter or alternatively speak to the Grant Officer for the programme your grant has been made under.