The Mercers’ Company is a membership organisation, in the business of philanthropy.

The Company has a long history of supporting education, church and communities, older people, heritage and arts. We have recently been undertaking a wide ranging review of our philanthropic activities to ensure that we can continue to respond effectively to today’s challenges. We are developing a more strategic and coherent approach that will also help us to work more efficiently and to develop stronger relationships with partners and other funders.

During our review, grant making was largely put on hold to allow us to consider how best we could work with a range of key stakeholders in the future. We’ve asked ourselves some hard questions about how we can be more responsive, seek new ideas, make better grants, develop as a social investor and add real value alongside others. We are now at the stage where we think we have a good strategic framework, which both builds on our traditions and provides a springboard from which to develop.

What’s next

• We are agreeing our priorities from a range of possible areas of interest within our framework – Autumn 2017

• We are developing our criteria and guidelines, as well as improving our systems and processes for grant making – Autumn 2017

• We are planning to consult with partners, specialists and existing grantees to build our knowledge about opportunities for strategic initiatives

• We plan to launch new grants programmes gradually from the end of the year, seeking input and feedback as we move forward

We will keep the website updated as we have more information and as grant programmes open.

In the meantime queries should be directed to Grant Enquiries