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The company is corporate trustee of a number of charities
Mercers' Company philanthropy
Our role as corporate trustee
Over the centuries, The Mercers’ Company has been entrusted with significant charitable gifts and bequests for charitable purposes from Members and other benefactors.
Mercers’ Charitable Foundation (MCF)

Established: 1983

Registered Charity No. 326340

The Foundation currently has general charitable purposes and makes a number of grants to a wide range of organisations to support our philanthropic work with young people, older people and communities.

View the 2023 Annual Report and Financial Statements


The Charity of Sir Richard Whittington

Established: 1423

Registered Charity No. 1087167

The Charity’s objects are to:

  • Provide almshouse communities for the elderly, one in London and one in Surrey;
  • Support people in need through grants and by providing or paying for goods, services or facilities.

View the 2023 Annual Report and Financial Statements.

The Earl of Northampton’s Charity

Established: 1614

Registered Charity No. 210291

The Charity’s objects are to:

  • Provide accommodation and support for beneficiaries in its almshouses in Greenwich, London and Shotesham, Norfolk;
  • Support people in need, hardship or distress.

View the 2023 Annual Report and Financial Statements.

Mercers’ Company Housing Association (MCHA)

Established: 1983

Registered Charity No. 1172263

MCHA’s objects are to provide sheltered accommodation for elderly people at Mercers' House, Islington and Priory House, Clerkenwell, London. The Mercers’ Company is the sole Member of the Company and four Members of the Company are appointed as trustee. 

View the 2023 Annual Report and Financial Statements.

The Charter 600 Charity

Established: To commemorate the 600th anniversary of the Grant of the Company’s first Charter in 1394 and the first Mastership of Richard Whittington in 1395.

Registered Charity No. 1051146

The Charity has general charitable objectives. It is supported by legacies and donations from staff and Members. The Charity makes grants to charitable causes which are known to them or which they are directly involved in. Grants are focused on organisations where relatively small sums can make the greatest difference. 

View the 2023 Annual Report and Financial Statements.

St Paul’s Schools Foundation

Established: 1509

Registered Charity No. 312749

The charitable object of the Foundation is ‘to promote in Greater London the education of boys and girls and in particular, but without prejudice to the generality of the foregoing, to assist in the conduct and maintenance of schools in or near Greater London.’  

The Foundation is best known for its support of St Paul’s Schools and St Paul’s Girls’ School but it also makes grants to London-based educational initiatives. The two St Paul’s Schools are separate registered charities but have a long shared history with the Foundation.

View the 2023 Annual Report and Financial Statements.

Smaller Charities
Mercers’ School Memorial Trust (The Merrett Bequest)

Established: 1984

Registered Charity No. 1091658

The Trust has wide charitable purpose including, but not limited to, the advancement of education and the relief of need to former pupils of the Mercers’ School.

View the 2023 Annual Report and Financial Statements

Lady Campden’s Money Legacy for Loans

Established: 1961

Registered Charity No. 1091658-2

The Charity’s object is to make loans or grants to adults requiring financial assistance to enable them to enter a chosen profession, trade or calling. There is a preference for loans or grants to be awarded to Freeman of the Mercers’ Company

Old Mercers’ Benevolent Fund (OMBF)

Established: 1980

Registered Charity No. 1091658-1 

OMBF was established to support former pupils or masters at Mercers’ School or their wives, widows, children or other dependants and whose circumstances mean they need charitable relief.

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