Older People & Housing
Older People and Housing
Older People & Housing Programme
Combatting issues face by older people


Older people deserve the right support and opportunities to lead a healthy and connected life.  We believe that no one should be chronically lonely or living in poverty 

Who we Fund

We welcome applications from not for profit, community led organisations, operating in

  • London
  • Norfolk
What we Fund

Proposals or organisations addressing one or both of the following priorities:

  • Combatting Loneliness Faced by Older People 
    • Working in areas with a high risk of chronic loneliness e.g. areas with high levels of deprivation, high proportion of minoritised communities, high percentage of older adults living alone.
    • Providing opportunities for older adults to foster new connections. 
    • Providing opportunities to support and maintain existing relationships.
  • Combatting Poverty Faced by Older People 
    • Tackling the cost of living crisis.
    • Addressing a lack of quality housing. 
    • Providing support in the most disadvantaged areas.

As well as funding proposals that work directly with older people, in exceptional circumstances we also consider proposals that provide support to organisations that are working to combat poverty and loneliness faced by older people. 

All proposals should:

  • Align closely to at least one of the priority areas listed above.
  • Demonstrate that they are both community rooted and focused.
  • Be from organisations that have a board, staff and volunteers that reflect the people they work with and the communities that they work in.
  • Demonstrate they promote positive mental wellbeing with the people they work with, as well as staff and volunteers.
  • Work with people in an asset-based way i.e. focus on what is strong, not what is wrong.
  • Show that they are person-centred, build positive inclusive relationships, promote wellbeing between people and increase a sense of belonging.
  • Be from organisations that provide support for people as long as they need it, whilst ensuring people are supported to take control of their own lives.
  • Be from organisations that are paying employees the Real Living Wage. If your organisation is currently unable to do this, please contact us to discuss.

Preference will be given to organisations working with older people who are at high risk of chronic loneliness and poverty, which we've identified as those living in black or ethnic minoritised communities, LGBTQ+ communities, disadvantaged neighbourhoods, as well as informal carers and people living with long-term conditions.

Size and Type of Funding we Support

We make awards of between £50,000 to £120,000 in total.

Awards can be up to three years.

Note that we will not generally award a grant that is over 50% of an organisation’s annual income in any given year.

We consider grants and loans or other social investments.

As a flexible funder, we consider awards that cover core, project or development costs.

As part of an award we can support costs towards the development of an organisation.

We don't Fund
  • Individuals
  • Capital costs (unless they are part of a revenue application, e.g. tablets or laptops)
  • General appeals or financial support for costs that have already been incurred
Funding Process
Submit an Expression of Interest (EOI)

Briefly tell us: 

• What you want to do and why
• How much funding you need
• Total cost of the proposal


We will let you know whether to submit a full application within four weeks. 


Unsuccessful (EOI)

Click here to find out more about why you were not asked to submit a full application. 

Successful EOI: Invitation to Apply

We will be in touch to discuss your proposal further, let you know about the process and answer any questions you may have. 

Application Decision

An average full application takes between five to eight months from submission of an EOI to final decision. 

*You will need to log into your account to complete an in-progress application or view previously submitted applications
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