Combatting loneliness through performance
Combatting loneliness through performance

Southwark Playhouse

Our Older People & Housing programme awarded £30,784 over 2 years to Southwark Playhouse in London to support the Elders Company’s Weekly Drama Groups.

These workshops are led by professional directors and facilitators and aim to develop participants’ confidence by empowering them through drama and storytelling. The workshops also provide older people with the opportunity to meet others with similar interests.

An Elders Company Member said, “I had recently finished two years of (very successful) psychotherapy which left me reconciled to my previous problems but still wanting to practise new behaviours. This group has certainly done that! Previously, I was very quiet and passive, feeling I had nothing to contribute, but with the expert support of our facilitators, I am gradually finding my voice and contributing...I amaze myself at how spontaneous I can become. This experience is just what I needed and still need.”

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