The Mercers’ Company is a livery company focused on being a philanthropic force for good
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Our purpose

We believe in nurturing and investing in opportunities to create positive change so that everyone has the potential to lead a fulfilling life.


Our focus

People living in communities with some of the biggest challenges in the UK (particularly in parts of London where there is significant inequality, and in disadvantaged areas of East and North East England).


Our principles
  • Using our assets wisely and creatively for positive change in people’s lives, now and in the future;
  • Making the most of our longevity and independence;
  • Building strong relationships and partnerships; and
  • Making knowledgeable decisions based on evidence and clarity of purpose.
Young People & Education

Young People & Education has four strands: our Associated Schools; Mental Health and Wellbeing; Leadership; and Special Initiatives.

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Young people & education philanthropy
Older People & Housing

Older People & Housing works to prevent loneliness and isolation, which can be particularly acute amongst older people, but also supports initiatives that enable older people to share their skills and talents with others.

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Older people & housing philanthropy
Church & Communities

People thrive when communities thrive. Church & Communities recognises the critical role that churches and other community based organisations play within this.

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Church & Communities philanthropy