Developing relationships between charities
East Marsh United – East Marsh Grimsby

East Marsh United – East Marsh Grimsby

At the Mercers’ Company, we place a heavy emphasis on developing relationships with and between charities. This, alongside the longer-term approach of our programmes, means that we see real social change in specific geographic locations.

East March in Grimsby is within the 1% most disadvantaged wards in the country. Since 2019, three charities based in the area, CARE, Foresight and East Marsh United, have been supported through our C&C programme, with over £400,000 donated from the Mercers’ Charitable Foundation (MCF), the Earl of Northampton’s Charity, and the Charity of Sir Richard Whittington.

Through our funding the following has been achieved:

  • CARE: providing support to the community with a focus on housing and issues they face. In the last year alone, CARE has supported 268 people through long-term 1:1 support, 2,240 people through their crisis drop-in, and 144 people with housing.
  • Foresight: helping develop community buildings, increasing the meals on wheels service scope in the area, and supporting day to day services for disabled and older people.
  • East Marsh United: supporting local people to come together to provide arts sessions, housing, training and other activities to over 200 people.

We continue to advocate for local charities and the local authority and understand how we can do more to support collaboration in East Marsh. Initiatives such as a joint research programme to help understand what is important to local people; and a new partnership to develop a community allotment and support for people facing multiple and complex needs are currently underway.

“Support from the Mercers’ Company has been invaluable in the growth of Foresight as a charity, and it has ensured we can provide high class facilities and an excellent quality of service to the local community. The Mercers’ Company has been integral in bringing together local East Marsh organisations providing a vehicle for joint working to improve opportunities for one of the most deprived areas in the country.” Paul Silvester, CEO, Foresight