Charter 600 Charity Awards 2023/2024
Dogs for Autism

Dogs for Autism

Our Members charity, Charter 600, which welcomes participation and donation from Members, to support charitable causes selected by the Membership, has awarded £45,000 of grants to two charitable organisations for its 2023/2024 awards. 

Dogs for Autism - Award of £30,000

Dogs for Autism is the only charity that exclusively provide assistance dogs, at no cost, to autistic people of any age, anywhere in the UK.

The charity is committed, through the provision of its assistance dogs, trained to mitigate some of the disabling impacts of autism and the environment, to creating and maintaining successful client-dog partnerships that impact positively on the lives of autistic individuals and families.

Dogs for Autism’s trained dogs can recognise signs of distress before an autistic person has a meltdown or shutdown. This is often before the autistic person or those that they are surrounded by recognise that something is wrong. The £30,00 award will enable Dogs for Autism to investigate and research its hypothesis that dogs are able to detect a scent change in their autistic partner, in the same way that a diabetic alert dog becomes aware of their partner’s blood sugar levels have changed. 

Firefly International - Award of £15,000

Firefly International, a UK based organisation, supports grass root organisations supporting children affected by war. Locally led projects in Bosnia, Turkey (supporting Syrian refugee children) and Gaza, provide safe and inclusive spaces for children experiencing the long-term effects of war, to learn and thrive.  The charity’s work focuses on education, the arts, health and well-being as well as reducing local tensions and the promoting peaceful dialogue. Emphasis is placed on providing a safe and therapeutic environment as well as creative and relevant learning for children whose greatest need is hope.

The £15,000 Award will fund a child-centred, activities-based programme with well-trained and professionally supported teachers in hard-to-reach rural areas of northern Syria that have been affected by the earthquake and years of ongoing conflict.