The Company Today

The Mercers’ Company is one of the 110 Livery Companies of the City of London. The Company and its associated charitable trusts make substantial grants to support young people, education, older people, churches and communities. A network of almshouses and other homes for the elderly are managed by the charitable trusts associated with the Company. The Company is involved with 16 schools across the country and supports them primarily through the appointment of governors. It also provides, with the City of London Corporation, free public lectures in the City at Gresham College.

The Company funds its activities from income derived from its investments, mainly property in London’s West End and the City.

The Company is also patron of a number of benefices in the Church of England (i.e. it has the right to appoint the vicar or rector) and maintains close links with its affiliated units in the United Kingdom’s Armed Services.

The Company is the custodian of an archive stretching back to its earliest days as well as historic buildings, art and other artefacts. As well as maintaining this collection, the Company keeps its history alive by continuing its own traditions, fully participating in the civic life of the City of London.