Philanthropy Framework 5-Year Review 2018-2023
Map showing Philanthropy Framework 5-Year Review 2018-2023

Our 2018-2023 Philanthropy Framework awarded 700 grants to 432 organisations, totalling £42.7 million. A further £7 million worth of grants were made directly by the Company.

Map showing Philanthropy Framework 5-Year Review 2018-2023


Over the five-year period, the Company and its committed Members, employees, grantees and strategic partners have delivered on our philanthropic vision across our three people-focused programmes: Young People & Education, Older People & Housing and Church & Communities.

Highlights include:

•    Founding Partner of the livery-led No Going Back prisoner rehabilitation project
•    Engaged with the following initiatives: Talent 2027, IVAR’s Open and Trusting Funders, The London Community Response – Covid 19 and the Propel Fund, both funding collaborations powered by London funders
•    Utilising 360 Giving to publish grant data to improve the transparency of charitable giving
•    Becoming a Living Wage funder (as well as a Living Wage employer)
•    Introducing the Members’ Philanthropy Programme to support Members and employees in their own philanthropic endeavours

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