Supporting women with skills and knowledge to break the cycle of poverty
Supporting women with skills and knowledge to break the cycle of poverty

Through the Mercers’ Company’s Charity of Sir Richard Whittington, a £75,000 contribution for a three-year period was made to the Baytree Centre in Brixton, London, supporting women to develop the skills and knowledge to break the cycle of poverty.

Being awarded funding for three years ensured the continuity of the Baytree Centre’s Women’s Service. Baytree has worked with 732 women during 2022 to 2023, improving their socio-economic outcomes, reducing poverty and isolation, and developing life and work skills.

Notably, 83% of women reported a reduction in isolation and 79% an improved literacy and numeracy and family stability.

Baytree’s core values and approaches have been critical to this success. All support is customised, with coaches using a relational, trauma informed approach to help women identity and achieve their own life goals.

The Centre has also established a new in-house 121 Information Advice & Guidance service to help meet the increasing urgency and complexity of issues that women and their families are experiencing.

“In addition to the funding itself, we have really appreciated the various touch points and opportunities to be involved with the Mercers’ Company over the past three years. For example, the 2021 evaluation: the specific connections with other Mercers’ funded charities brokered by our grants programme manager; and the trauma informed practice training arranged by Mercers’ have all been extremely helpful. They provide a useful reminder to all the team that the work we do is part of a greater initiative, the effects of which are far reaching.’ Anna Iacuzzi, Service Director, Baytree Centre

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