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Early Years and Transitions

We commissioned The Education Policy Institute and The Centre for Education and Youth to evaluate the effectiveness of the delivery method for each organisation supported by our Early Years or Transitions Special Initiatives.  

Click here to read the Early Years Report from year two

Click here to read the Early Years Report from year three

Click here to read the Transitions Report from year two 

Click here to read the Transitions Report from year three


We commissioned The Open University (OU) as a research partner to work alongside the organisations supported by our Literacy Special Initiative.  The OU is drawing out key themes and learning, supporting evaluations and conducting a literature review of Young Peoples Reading and Writing for Pleasure.  Ultimately this work will be synthesised to produce a 'what works' framework for Reading and Writing for Pleasure.  

Click here to view an extract from 'Reading for Pleasure Exploring the Concept'


Through selected partners and the associated schools and colleges, our leadership strand supports the development of emerging or existing leaders in schools. To support this strand of work, we commissioned a piece of work from the University of Winchester to help school leaders in secondary schools in England make creativity central to their students’ lives. The first strand of this work is a literature review.  

Click here to read the literature review on Creative Leadership

Mental Health & Wellbeing 

Request for Proposals: we are looking for a Mental Health and Wellbeing learning partner. Find out more.

Between 2016 and 2022 the Anna Freud Centre for Children and Families (AFC) supported our Associated Schools and Colleges to understand mental health and wellbeing in their settings and deliver supportive programmes. Below you can read reports on what was learnt, and access briefings developed to support schools, pupils, and parents to better understand what they can do to help themselves and each other. 


Mercers' Wellbeing Evaluation Programme: October 2022

Mercers' Wellbeing Evaluation Programme: Executive Summary October 2022


Children's mental health in the time of Coronavirus

Covid-19: Unprecedented Challenges and Innovative Responses


Supporting mental health in schools and colleges (a resource for parents and schools)

Young People briefing information for schools 

Engaging students with Wellbeing Surveys

What do we know about Mental Health 

Evaluating programmes that support pupil mental health & wellbeing: school case studies